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The surname and people who share it

Vol 1 Issue 1

Titherly Snippets

Royal Connections
Eileen Grace Titherley, born in 1902, was married to Hugh Wynne Lloyd Mostyn, Great grandson of Lord Mostyn and a direct descendant of William the Conqueror.
Packing a punch
Arthur Abbot Titherley, who was born in England in 1887, emigrated from Liverpool and became a booth boxer in San Francisco.
Doing their bit to keep the name going
The biggest Titherley family we know of is the family of Robert and Eliza Titherley who had 15 children between 1881 and 1906. Can anyone beat that?

Titherleys and the church
Amongst Titherleys involved with the churches in England is Robert Titherley, who was Bishop of Exeter in 1716. Before that, in 1353, Alan Tetherley was Rector of Beaucham (Bath & Wells), and four different John Titherleys were Vicar of Northam in 1532; Rector of Hatch Beacham (Bath & Wells) in 1554; Churchwarden at Little Torrington in 1623 and Churchwarden at Axminster in 1827.
700 years old and going strong
The earliest known use of the surname was Athelwoldus de Tyderleigh in about 1300 AD.
Top Marks
In 1611, William Titherley was Master of Chilcotts School in Tiverton

Church burials
Mary Titherley, who was married to William Dackombe and died in 1616 is buried in the chancel of the parish church of Corfe Castle in Dorset. Arthur Abbott Titherley, born in 1743, has a gravestone by the pulpit in Hatherleigh church, Devon. He was the local lawyer and coroner.
Dickens of a friend
Charles Titherley, born sometime around 1820, was a friend of Charles Dickens. His grandchildren emigrated to Majorca, South Africa and America.
Like father like grandson
John Titherley was Mayor of Gt Torrington in 1626. Another John Titherley, possibly his grandson, was Mayor in the same place in 1668.

(From the local paper in Exeter, April 19th 1828)

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