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The surname and people who share it

How many of us are there?

Another page about the name (origin) suggested that our ancestors were a family or community from a village in Hampshire or Devon.

Another section describes how and why the spelling has varied (Spelling variations).



How many of us are there now?

If you have any information about Titherlys in other countries, possibly based on a census there, do please click here to let us know.

The following two tables indicate the number of people called Titherly / Tytherleigh, or one of the other spelling variations, in 1901 and 2003 respectively. The tables are not based on the same information, so be careful about making comparisons between the two.

This table is based on the 1901 census for England and Wales
Spelling How Many? Notes
Tetherleigh None These spellings of the name seem to have disappeared by the beginning of the 20th century.
Titherley 58 From most parts of the country, especially London, Glamorganshire and Devonshire
Titherly 8 All living in London, mostly in the Chelsea area
Tytherleigh 144 Well spread out, but London and Somerset recur a lot
Tytherley 7 Appears to be a single family living in Nottinghamshire, but with Somerset connections
All spellings, all ages 217  

This table is based on the electoral registers for 2003 and 2004. The information was collected by councils in October 2002 and 2003. (Please see the note below the table about its accuracy)
Spelling How Many? Notes
Tetherleigh None These spellings of the name seem to have disappeared by the beginning of the 20th century and have not reappeared.
Titherleigh 1 Although there was no-one with this spelling in 1901, there is now one in Surrey.
Titherley 28 The ones who were in London in 1901 seem to have moved out. Now about a third are in Nottinghamshire, with most of the others in Lincs, Lancs, Derbyshire and Preston.
Titherly 34 The vast majority in East Sussex, with no more than a couple in each of West Sussex, London, Surrey and South Yorkshire
Tytherleigh 180 Surrey dominates, but quite a few are close to the part of the country where the surname originated, around Devon, Wiltshire and Hampshire.
Tytherley 13 Just as in 1901, this spelling occurs mostly in Nottinghamshire but there are a couple of others in England and some in Scotland.
All spellings, adults only (see note) 256  
Note: There is also one Tytherlehy in Norfolk and one Tytnerley in London. These may be spelling variations, spelling mistakes or a different name altogether.

Note about accuracy

As the first table above is based on a census, it should include everyone, of any age, who was living in England and Wales in 1901.

The second table is based on the electoral register. It is therefore less reliable. The reasons for this are many. For a start, only people who are eligible to vote, or who will become eligible during the following year, are included. So it excludes infants and young teenagers, for example. Secondly, although the law says they should, not everyone fills in the electoral registration form, so some people are missing, even though they would have been eligible vote. The third reason is that the information is taken from the public edition of the register, that is available for anyone to see. The law changed before the collection of the information for 2004, and allows people to choose not to be in the public edition of the register. So some people who did fill in the form will not be shown in this version of the register because they chose to be excluded. Where that is the case, the 2003 register has been used to gather the numbers for the table, because people did not have the choice when the information was collected that year.

Having said all of that, this combination of the 2003 and 2004 electoral registers should give a reasonable indication of the numbers of people aged 17 or more who share our surname in one of its spelling variations.

The other big difference between the tables is that the 1901 census figures only cover England and Wales, whereas the 2003/4 electoral register includes Scotland although that has not affected the numbers much as there are only two occurrences in Scotland.

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