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Hazel M Titherley RCA ATC ATD(Manc) NDD, artist

Hazel Titherley is an artist, whose work is displayed in the Salford Art Gallery, pennanant collection, and in private collections in Britain, Scandinavia, USA, Pakistan, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, France & Spain.

She exhibits with the Royal Cambrian Academev, with New Longton Artists, with the North-West Contemporarv Design Collective and in her Studio which is open by appointment.


Hazel works in oil, acrylics and mixed media. Her work has included the restoration of paintings, educational visual aids, greeting card design, wedding stationery and calligraphy. She is one of the organisers of the annual Central Lancashire Fine Art Fair.

Hazel is listed in "Who's Who in Art".


Here are some examples of Hazel's work, reproduced with the kind permission of Henry Dyson Fine Art (see

Blue Room. 53.5cm x 63.5cm on acrylic.
Craven Landscape. 71cm x 91cm. Oil on canvass
One Morning in Lurslieu. 30cmx60cm. Acrylic on canvass
The Onion Man 1. 76cm x 40cm. Acrylic on canvass
Atelier 11. 61cm x 30cm. Acrylic on board

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