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Book about the family over 850 years

More about 'The Tytherleigh Tribe', a book by Judy Canon, here.

Origin of the name
The surname Titherly / Titherley / Tytherleigh / Tytherley appears to have come from the village of Tytherley in Hampshire or the village of Tytherleigh in Devon. More....

Probable meaning of the name
The name has two components. The first seems to come from the old English 'tiedre' meaning weak or fragile, and the second is 'leah' meaning 'grove' or 'thin wood'. More......

Coat of ArmsCoat of arms
The Titherly coat of arms is "Ermine, two cripping irons in saltire gules". 'Ermine' describes the background - white 'fur' with an ermine's footprint. 'Cripping irons' were tools used by glaziers. 'Saltire' means that the irons are in the shape of the St. Andrew's cross. 'Gules' is old word for red, the colour of the cross. More.....

Family Trees
Linked charts take the surname back to about 1590. More information is available dating back another 200 years or so and will be added to the site soon. More....

Spreading out!
The name may have started in the south west of England, but it is now represented in many parts of the world including Tasmania (read about Dave Titherley Jazz musician) and several parts of the USA.

We know of a presence in the USA in the 17th century, because William Daves arrived in New England from Bristol on 16th April 1669, 'bound' to William Titherly, to work in the American plantations.(Tepper, Passengers to America, 1980)

Other emigres were William C Titherly, who worked his passage from Liverpool to Ellis Island, on board the Barth Colonial Empire, arriving in America on 30th May 1917 at the age of 48 and Harold Alfred Titherley, born in London, who emigrated and started the Australian branch of the family.

For stories about Titherleys in the more distant past, click here to go to the snippets page

How many of us?
The 1901 census records 217 people with the surname Titherly, Titherley, Tytherley or Tytherleigh in England or Wales. Other spellings of the name, which are known to have existed before, seem to have disappeared by then.

There were 256 people with the surname in one of its spelling variations, who were registered to vote in England, Scotland or Wales in 2003. More....

When did the spelling change?
Once, names tended only to be written by an official and that person would spell the name the way they thought it sounded. Consequently, the name would often be spelt differently within the same family and even the same person could have their name spelt differently on different occasions. More....

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