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Cheryl graduates - twice

Following three years' hard graft at the University of Surrey Roehampton, Cheryl graduated as a BSc at Guildford cathedral on Thursday, July 25th, 2002.

Cheryl achieved a 2:1 honours in Anthropology. Being a student was obviously appealing, because Cheryl (BSc) returned to Roehampton in September 2002 to do her Masters.

She also worked nearly 168 hours a week whilst a student (minor exaggeration, but 13 hour days were common). She had three jobs: one at a residential centre for the elderly mentally infirm, another at a home for retired nuns and a third at a day centre for older people.

After another year's hard work at three jobs and study, Cheryl passed her Masters and was awarded her MA in 'The Sociology and Anthropology of Travel and Tourism' at a ceremony in the Chapel of Digby Stuart College, Roehampton on 3rd March 2004.


Cheryl with fellow graduand and tutors


Cheryl worked for a couple of years carrying out research and other duties for the Foundation for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome in central London. In February 2006 she embarked, with Tracy her university friend, on a 7 month backpacking tour of Asia.

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